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Different types of female genital piercings

Name Fourchette
Description This piercing requires a certain genital anatomy and so it is a less popular piercing. The jewellery is placed over the perineum (at the bottom of the vaginal opening). Most women do not have the extra flap of skin required for this piercing.
Concerns The skin at the perineum is very thin and can be damaged or torn if the jewelery is caught on anything. The piercing may also cause pain during intercourse and it can be pulled into the vaginal canal.
Recommended Jewelery 10 or 12 gauge captive bead ring or curved ball
Healing Time 8-12 weeks

Name Outer Labia
Description The piercing is placed on one or both sides of the outer labia. Typically rings are worn.
Concerns The outer labia have a large surface area, but due to its thickness can be painful to have pierced. However, the large area of skin can hold larger jewelery than some other areas, as well as multiple piercings.
Recommended Jewelery outer labia gauge captive bead ring
Healing Time 8-12 weeks

Name Inner Labia
Description Thinner than the outer labia, the inner labia are a common area for genital piercings in women. It is a popular piercing due to its aesthetic value, as well as the physical stimulation it can provide. Multiple piercings along the inner labia are very popular as well.
Concerns The inner labia can be stretched so there is less risk of having the jewelery being rejected and migrating out of the skin. It also tolerate for decorative additions such as weights, which the skin can easily withstand.
Recommended Jewelery 14 to 10 gauge captive bead ring
Healing Time 4-6 weeks

Name Triangle
Description This piercing requires specific anatomy. The triangle piercing is inserted right below the clitoral hood behind the clitoris itself. This allows for the front of the clitoris to be stimulated as well the back.
Concerns One must have enough skin to actually pull the clitoris and the surrounding area away from the body so that there is enough room for the jewelery to be inserted underneath the clitoral hood. The Triangle piercing requires a very experienced piercer who specializes in this particular piercing. He/she can determine first to determine if you anatomically suited for this piercing.
Recommended Jewelery 12 to 10 gauge circular barbell or captive bead ring
Healing Time 8-12 weeks

Name Christina
Description This piercing is not very popular. It has a lengthy healing time and a high rejection rate. It is a vertical piercing through the top of the outer labia near the mons.
Concerns Like some other piercings it requires specific anatomy. Everyday movement can cause the piercing to be uncomfortable.
Recommended Jewelery 12 to 10 gauge curved barbell
Note – Captive bead rings are not suggested, especially for the initial piercing, although it can be used once the piercing is healed.
Healing Time 12-16 weeks

Name Clitoris Piercing
Description This is not a common or advised piercing due to the anatomy of most women and the great sensitivity of the clitoris. The clitoris can be pierced either vertically or horizontally with a barbell or captive bead ring. Vertical piercing only should be done on a hooded clitoris, to prevent turning of the jewelery, although piercing a hooded clitoris is really not advisable at all.
Concerns The clitoris is extremely sensitive and this is piercing is not advised for most women. To support the jewelery the clitoris must be exposed and large enough to support the jewelery so that it will neither covered nor constricted by the clitoral hood tissue. Piercing a clitoris that is too small could result in serious nerve damage as a result of improper placement. If you are considering this piercing, have a very skilled and experienced piercer evaluate you first to see if your anatomy is suitable for clitoral piercing.
Recommended Jewellery 16 gauge jewelery
Healing Time 4-6 weeks

Name Horizontal Clitoral Hood Piercing
Description This is a popular piercing known for its attractive appearance. The hood is pierced above the clitoris is a horizontal fashion.
Concerns Unfortunately, it must be placed precisely and your anatomy must be perfectly suitable for this piercing, otherwise it does not provide much stimulation to the clitoris. The piercing must be placed in such a way that when you are standing, the bead rests on the top of the clitoris
Recommended Jewelery 12 or 14 gauge captive bead ring or circular barbell.
Healing Time 6-8 weeks

Name Vertical Clitoral Hood Piercing
Description The vertical hood piercing is the easiest, least painful, most stimulating, and quickest healing female genital piercing there is. As such it is extremely popular. The jewelery is placed in the hood tissue just above the clitoris. The jewelery rests easily on the clitoris and its placement allows for free movement.
Concerns Most women are anatomically suited for this piercing. However, some women complain that once the body has become accustomed to it, it does not feel as stimulating as it once did. Removing the jewelery for s short time and then reinserting it, changing jewelery, or increasing gauge size can help to regain the stimulating feeling.
Recommended Jewelery 10, 12, or 14 gauge curved barbells or captive bead rings.
Healing Time 4-6 weeks

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