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I like to use dildos anally on myself. The problem is that it tends to get pretty messy feces-wise. I try to do it after I’ve had a bowel movement so that there is as little in my colon as possible but there’s always at least some. I’d like to get it like I see in the pornos, where the penis looks perfectly clean when they take it out – so clean that the women don’t even mind doing ATM. Can you please help me out with the secret or trick to this? I’ve always wanted to do this with a guy, but would be pretty embarrassed if my butt has excrement coming out of it during/after the act. Thanks.

First, a safer sex warning about anal sex. To protect yourself and your partner from sexually transmitted infections it is recommended that you use condoms for anal penetration. If you are going back and forth between vaginal penetration and anal penetration it is essential that you use a fresh condom for vaginal each and every time. If you are not using condoms and are having anal sex then you must not have your partner enter the vagina after anal penetration. Bacteria from the anus can travel to the vagina and urethra and cause serious infections such as a urinary tract infection. The same holds true for fingers. Once they have been in your rectum they should not touch your vulva or enter your vagina unless you (or your partner) are wearing a fresh glove (you can find gloves suitable for safer sex practices in the medical supply aisle of most good pharmacies). Another option is to use one hand for vaginal play and the other for anal. You just need to make sure you are consistent throughout your sex session.

When it comes to sex toys do not use them vaginally if you have used them anally unless they are covered with a fresh condom. Personally, I prefer to limit certain toys for certain activities. I have some toys I only use anally and others vaginally. I even keep them in separate Tupperware containers. Whatever option you chose you still need to clean your toys – simple non-perfumed soap and hot water works just fine. Basically, what you would use on your body.

Now onto the potential messiness of anal play. I love Ducky DooLittle’s attitude about this issue –

If he wants to have anal sex with you he should wear a condom and be adult enough to understand your butt’s primary function. There may be some residue because poop does exit through your rectum. So, yes, occasionally there will be a little poop residue on him. The rectum is not a storage space for poop. It is a passageway. If you have a regular, healthy poop that day, there should be no poop in your rectum. (from Sex with the Lights On by Ducky DooLittle)

Of course, having a bowel movement before anal sex is key as is being freshly showered. In addition to that you can remove further remnants with your fingers, an anal douche or an anal enema. An anal douche is a small bottle with a nozzle attached to it. You fill it with warm water and insert the nozzle into your rectum. Then you squeeze the bottle to push the water upwards into you and flush out any little bits of ‘fluff’ you have inside you. An anal enema is larger (typically a bag or a bottle). You can purchase them at your local pharmacy. Follow the directions, but it is best to use them with water and not the liquid that comes with it because it is a diuretic and will encourage loose stools (not something you are seeking during your sex session). Be forewarned that when you flush out the rectum it can get a bit messy so do it in the shower.

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