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Im just wondering if any of you guys like your arse being licked or fingered? Most of the men I ask this question say no way Im not gay! And Ive been with some men that really enjoy it!  Do you think its gay to like having your arse licked or fingered! i love shoving my finger in a mans arse and play with his prostate .. I also love licking a mans arse as long as its clean! Please tell me what you think!




  1. A mature lady ask me if she could finger my arse and I said no way! every time we met up she would always ask the same question! I finally gave in and let her do it and WOW!!! I had the most intense orgasm ever it was amazing. I say its not gay and I really think if a lady is willing to do it ! GO FOR IT ! I also now love my butt being licked not as good as having it fingered but still it gives you a mind blowing orgasm!

    Comment by Jamie

  2. Never tried it and dont know if I could handle a finger in my arse, licked maybe fingered NO!

    Comment by BraleK

  3. I love having my arse rimmed!

    Comment by TomTomTee

  4. I LOVE my butt being licked or fingered and have a guess what IM NOT GAY! I have the most intense orgasm when my lady shoves her finger up my arse and plays with my prostate.. I know a lot of people must think its gay to like this but I say dont knock it to you try it! Its just a matter of your lady willing to do it..

    Comment by WoWPow

  5. I go to the doctors 2 times a year to have a doctor shove his finger up my butt to make sure I dont have prostate cancer! it doent turn me fucking on ya gay sickos!

    Comment by craig

  6. I love my ass licked and fingered and if possible my pussy at the same time, My hubby likes his butt played with 2!

    Comment by JollyBuB

  7. I love it when my wife licks my ass!

    Comment by tyler

  8. Well I actually do love my ass licked and I also love it fingered! The orgasm you have while this is being done is so intense and I would recomend it to every man out there!

    Comment by GoGo

  9. My wife sometimes fucks me with a strap on! Does that mean Im gay!

    Comment by Prayercc

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