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Ok guys I want to know what is the oldest lady you have had sex with?


When I was growing up we had an elderly lady living next door to us .. who’s name was Doris, all us kids would call her granny Dos.. Well as the years went on I became really attracted to old ladies.. One day when I was about 19 I came home for a visit.. Before IGranny loves sex went inside to see my parents I went over to granny Dos’s  place to have a little chat! I knocked on her door and waited for about a minute.. To my complete surprise Dos was just wearing bra and panties!  Now Dos would of have been at least in her late 70′s she had a great body for her age a little wrinkly but big boobs and a fat little ass.. Anyway she invited me in and said that she had just finished out in the garden and was just about to have a shower..I said don’t mind me just go and have one and I’ll wait for you.. Well off  Granny Dos went into her room to shower and change.. while I waited for her in the dinning room! About 2 mins later Dos yells out for me to come into her room ..I got up and went to her room and when I opened the door my fucking eyes nearly popped out of my head!! Granny Dos was completely naked  lying on the floor.. I quickly raced over to see what had happened and to see if she was all right ..Well the sneaky old fart pulled me down to the floor and started to kiss me.. I couldn’t believe what was I am lying on the floor kissing this old lady! Dos didn’t say a word.. she grabbedmature grannies fucking my cock which was rock hard, took her teeth out and shoved my dick in her mouth! She sucked my cock like she hadn’t eaten for a week! After about 5mins of her sucking my cock I helped her up onto the bed! I then gently opened her plump legs and slowly ran my tongue down to her little love button! Granny Dos was yelling out like she had just won bingo moaning and groaning like a dog on heat! I licked and sucked her clit for about 10 mins until she let out a big Yahoooooo! She had obviously cum! Now it was my turn to blow my load..  I spaold ladies naked photost a mouthful of saliva on her dried up little pussy and then slowly stuck my cock in! I was trying to be as gentle as I could because I didn’t want to split her open and have her bleed to death.. But as I came closer to to cumming I started to fuck her harder and harder! Granny Dos was moaning like a thief getting whipped by the taliban for stealing! I couldn’t believe how much she was enjoying getting fucked by a young man! Im sure she hadnt had sex since old jack her husband died 14 years ago! I was about to cum inside her when she looked at me with her eyes wide open and pointed to her mouth! I took my cock out and crouched over her face. While I was pulling on my cock she was sucking  my balls! After about 30 seconds I couldn’t hold on any longer I got her to open her mouth while I shot one of the biggest loads of cum deep down her throat! The dirty old slut sucked every last drop out of me! After that Dos lookedpictures of mature grannies up at me with cum dripping out the sides of her mouth and said lets go and have a cup of tea and scons my love! So we did! Now that was the first time I fucked her but it was not the last.. We have sex now at least once a month. She is now 82 and loves cock more then ever! So guys if you have a story about having sex with mature grannies please tell us! Would love to hear about your experience!


  1. Well the oldest granny I have fucked was my dads step mum, This happened when grandad went fishing for the weekend and granny wanted some company! She got my company and my cock and a load of cum over her face! I was 20yo! I also have a thing for old ladies! Nothing beats having sex with a little old granny!

    Comment by tiptapin

  2. Love the story! and agree that having sex with a mature lady is the best! But I don’t know about fucking a granny in her 80′s :(

    Comment by Trollinggrannies

  3. Im 24 and the oldest lady I had sex with was 38! I dont know if I could fuck anything over the age of 70! Just doesnt seem right to me! But then again if the granny was alright looking maybe I would.. Cant believe I said thet!

    Comment by PreyDay

  4. Mature ladies are the best lovers because they have experience in pleasing their man!

    Comment by Justintime

  5. The oldest lady I have fucked was 48 and Im 22!

    Comment by Justintime

  6. I picked up a granny at the local bingo hall she was about 60yo but fucked liked a 20yo!!!!

    Comment by Toolate

  7. Bingo halls are a good pick up place if you are looking for an old slut also you can wait outside a nursing home and try ya luck!

    Comment by Justintime

  8. I fucked a granny once and I have to say! Never again ! She was such a dead root! Shit maybe she was dead !

    Comment by Boffhead

  9. I fucked my step mom! when I was 18 and she was about 47! Dad didnt find out until they broke up! He kicked the shit out of me!

    Comment by tyler

  10. The oldest granny I have had sex with was about 56, She was the best fuck I have ever had and I totally agree that mature women make the best lovers!

    Comment by GoGo

  11. Well I had a good friend who seduced my granny and had sex with her! She was 67yo and he was 19! I could have killed the fucker when I found out! Now I can understand why nana was so fucking happy! dirty fucking slut!

    Comment by Prayercc

  12. I fucked an old lady who was in her 50′s

    Comment by Greydy

  13. I was browsing at a discount thrift store in Brighton Beach when this Russian woman (had to be 70+ years young)
    wearing a skirt perfect for a petite girl yet too short for her buxom self had to brush past me via a really narrow section, her large backside pressed up against me and I was so aroused that my dick was poking her as she passed by. A few minutes later I was near the back part of the store where the empty boxes was stored and guess who squeezed past me again? You guessed it and this time her panties was partially down so I didn’t waste time playing “Gee what’s goin on here?” I just unzipped and pressed by her and my dick slipped into her tight ( )o( )
    and she said “Uhhhngh!” Kept stroking until I came into her panties, left a patchy stain on the front of my shorts but that’s okay, I had a long tee shirt on to cover it. Her dingus husband was too busy standing outside on the phone cackling away like a parrot.

    Comment by Stephen

  14. fucked a granny once at a nursing home. She got dementia so every time i give her a doggy and a creampie, she always forgets what happened

    Comment by d0nkeypuncher

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