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I guess I must have unlimited amount of animal magnetism and physical attraction toward the opposite sex, because I’m always attracted to beautiful ladies of all races and ages. Especially the beautiful white ladies. I’m a pretty handsome and attractive Asian male and I’m 23 this year. I’m a part-time student and I also work part-time in a supermarket, which is where I get a lot of attention from beautiful girls and women. These ladies, which some of them are mothers with babies and small children, always look at me with interest and lust in their eyes. They look at me as if they wanted to screw me right then and there, or fuck their brains out with me somewhere private, like their home. When I noticed that they were looking and checking me out, they would smile at me, turn around to play and run their fingers through their silky hair so to show me that they are interested and attracted to me.

There’s a beautiful, long curly blonde hair; blue eyed young mother with a slim and shapely body whose especially attracted to me. She’s about my age and has a pair of long, shapely, gorgeous legs that I’ve been dying to feel all over. She also has a tight, firm ass and a pair of big, soft natural-looking tits, which I’m dying to squeeze and suck on. Every time she came in the store with her baby she would smile and say “Hi” to me. I know she likes me very much because I can see it in here eyes, every time I see her I would have an instant hard-on and she would noticed them and winked knowingly at me.

One night she came in really late wearing black tights, which showed her curvaceous and luscious body. When she finished her shopping the store was about to close and I was off from work. We walked out together and she asked me if I could help carry her grocery to her van while she carried her baby. I said it would be my pleasure to help her. While I was walking behind her I was getting a raging hard-on watching and admiring her luscious body. When I finished putting her groceries in her van, she said thank you very much and then she put her arms around my neck and gave me a long, deep, passionate kiss on the lips. I was surprised and shocked while she blushed and told me that she had wanted to do that to me ever since the first time she saw me. After we overcame our initial reactions, we started embracing and kissing each other deeply, wetly and passionately. We were feeling and groping each other as we kissed. I felt and squeezed her huge and soft tits, which were full of milk. Some of the milk squirted out and left wet spots on her top. I then felt her crotch and thighs and realized that hey were soaked with her cunt juices. By now I couldn’t control my passion any longer, I was so hot and horny and my dick felt like it’s going to explode. I quickly slid her tights off of her to reveal her luscious, creamy white body. Her musky cunt juices were running from her cunt down her thighs. Her big, soft, milky tits were very swollen and her nipples were very pointy and hard. I knew she was very horny and turned on. I quickly undress to free my raging hard on from my jeans. She grabbed my long, hard cock and started stroking it while she tells me to suck and squeeze her milky breasts so she could be relieved of her fullness. When I sucked and squeezed her milky tits as she instructed, streams after endless streams of hot, sweet, delicious breast milk come gushing into my waiting mouth and down my parched throat. She was moaning with delight. After my thirst was quenched with her hot milk, I turned my attention to her pink, wet, partially shaved blonde pussy. I started licking and sucking her swollen labia’s and hard clit and savoring her female scent and taste. We quickly turned into the 69 position. We licked and sucked each other as our orgasms kept building and building until we both exploded into each other’s waiting mouths. I shot a huge load of creamy cum into her mouth while she gushed her womanly juice into mine. I saw my cum dipped out of her mouth when she couldn’t swallow it all. She also saw that my face was covered with her hot cum. I was licking my lips and fingers to savor that sweet, delicious, musky fluid.

After we rested for a moment, she whispered to my ears “It’s time to fuck till we drop.” I got an instant hard-on from hearing that. She moved the seats back so she could lie on the floor and spread her long, creamy legs wide. As I inserted the head of my cock in the opening of her wet vagina, she moaned softly and quivered. I slowly slid the whole shaft in until my balls touched her ass cheeks and she gasped, as did I. I started pumping my dick in and out of her wet cunt, enjoying every stroke while she moaned and groaned with delight. As I was about to cum, I pulled out and told her to get up, stand on the ground and face the same direction. She put the seats down and laid down while I inserted my cock into her cunt from behind. I pumped my dick in and out, in and out until I reached the point of no return. I shot another huge load of potent semen into her waiting love canal. As I shot my cum into her, she bucked at me several times telling me that she also came. I pulled out of her after we were both spent. Later we told each other how we both enjoyed this spontaneous incident and we decided to continue to see each other and let the relationship grow. She gave me her phone number and address and told me that she wants to give me something that I’ll never forget. She asked if I have an empty container and I said that I have an empty milk container in my car. I went and got the container and we both milked her two huge, swollen jugs with our hands and a manual breast pump. We squeezed and pumped, milked and milked until the whole gallon container was full. After I licked her nipples clean, we got dressed and once again kissed deeply and passionately for our good byes. That was the best night I ever had in my life and I even had enough milk to last me the whole week.

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