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asian ladiesPoor Ladies in Asian countries like Thailand and the Philippines are becoming sex cams performers to support their families! The average monthly wage for women in these countries working on rice fields and farms is around $20 a month, they are working very long hours (up to 8o hours per week) and the conditions they work in are extremely harsh.. Now there is another way for these mature ladies to make money and that is to become live Asian sex cam performers.. There are hundreds of ladies from these countries signing up to become cam performers every week.. This is not because they love to get naked and masturbate on cam but because the amount of money they can make is huge! Asian sex cam performers can earn thousands of dollars a month working less hours and also in the comfort of their own home! There are Asian grannies as old as 80 working as cam models and the things they do live would shock most people! Johnny Quin from the Philippines says a lot prostitutes are becoming cam models now and this is because its a lot safer and the money is good! An Asian prostitute who earns $20 a night selling her body for sex can earn the same amount in one hour performing on cam!

The darker side of working as a Asian sex cam performer

The story above sounds great doesn’t it? .. Ladies in poor countries earning lots of money working as sex cam models! This is just not true says lily from Thailand.. The majority of these mature women who work on adult webcam sites work in appalling conditions! They don’t work for themselves they work for studios who pay their girls only about 20 cents an hour if that! The rooms they work in are small and dirty and get dam hot inside! The people that are making the big money are the sleazy studio owners, these men and women are raking in the money and don’t give a shit about the girls.. Think about it, some of the bigger studios in these Asian countries can have up to 20 ladies working for them at any one time.. The studio gets 36% if the lady does a private show which is about $1.99 a minute, so the studio gets 72 cents for every minute the asian sex cam performer is in a private chat! When you times that by 20 girls the money is huge.. The girls would only get about 10 cents a minute if that, but you also have to remember that they have to be in a private chat to make any money! But if the Asian mature ladies could afford a computer a webcam and have access to the internet that whole 36% would be theirs..

What do you guys think?


  1. Ive been on some of these Asian sex cam sites and I have to agree with Lily from Thailand! You actually see the conditions some of these ladies work in and it is disgusting! The poor things are sweating like pigs and some only have a floor to sit on.. I have chatted to many Asian ladies and they say that they work very long hours for very little money.. I also fine that most of the Asian ladies on these cam sites beg you for tips.. which really annoys a lot of people but you have to understand that these ladies really do need the money and are desperate.. You will also fine that a lot the Asian sex cam performers will ask if you have yahoo messenger, this is because they can cut out the middle man which is the adult cam site owners.. They still have to pay the studios which sucks but their % goes up a lot higher and in return get paid more! I often tip these girls $20 at a time but It pisses me off knowing that they the cam models get fuck all and the sleazy studios gets most it!

    Comment by SillyTong

  2. Not all of these Asian sex cam performers work in dirty old rooms! Ive seen Asian ladies in well set up rooms with nice back grounds and big beds! I think the studios knows that if the surroundings are nice and the girls are happy they make more money! It is sad when you come across an Asian sex cam model working in those horrible conditions but you have to understand that this is really the only source of income they have and don’t really mind working in pig sties!

    Comment by Bollybou

  3. Come on Bolly how can you say that these ladies dont mind working in horrible conditions! I understand that some have no choice but do you really think they are happy working in these places! I dont think so!

    Comment by RamRum

  4. The begging for tips pisses me off to! I agree that knowing only a small percentage goes to the cam models and the rest to the studios and site owners fucks me off big time..But then again a little bit of money is a lot of money for these ladies.

    Comment by AsianSexCamLover

  5. I know what you mean about the begging for tips. It is annoying but you have to understand that they do this for a reason and that is to survive

    Comment by RamRum

  6. Yeah Im surprised to at some of the conditions these Asian sex cam models are working in. Ive seen them in a small room with a child asleep on the bed! It so so sad!

    Comment by Justintime

  7. I went on an Asian sex cam site yesterday just checking out the ladies who were on! I started chatting with 1 asian lady who was in her late 20′s.. I asked her why she looked so sad and she said that her and her 2 daughters had to sleep on the streets that night because she got kicked out for not paying her rent.. I felt really sorry for her and gave her a $30 tip.. I left her room and about 20 mins later I went back into her room as a guess.. This lady was smiling and laughing like she didnt have a care in the world.. Now did I just scammed by this girl or what.. Can I have your thoughts on this?

    Comment by Kev

  8. Kev I think the studios tell the girls to make up stories.. Because if you can make a man feel sorry for you the chances are they will get more tips, It really pisses me off because that $30 tip you gave her would go into the studios pocket and if she is lucky she might get $3 if that. Im amazed that she didnt ask you if you had Yahoo messenger!

    Comment by admin

  9. Funny you should ask about Yahoo messenger! Straight away after I gave her the tip she did ask If I had YM! She also said she will give me private cam shows on YM for a lot less and she then proceeded to tell me how I can give her money through Western Union! I feel like I got scammed by this girl but the kind and generous side of me says maybe she was telling the truth, I dont know!

    Comment by Kev

  10. It is a sad world we live in isnt it! But these Asian ladies know no better and begging in these countries is such a common thing! If they dont ask they dont get and if they dont get they dont eat and if they dont eat they become skinny! Anyway i wouldnt let the begging put you off on going to Asian sex cam sites! They are the best in the world when it cums to pleasing their men with sexual pleasures

    Comment by Boffhead

  11. I love asian sex cams and I dont even think about this stuff! Now I feel guilty!

    Comment by tyler

  12. Any money is good money for these Asian ladies! I think a lot of these ladies would rather be on cam because it is a lot safer then prostitution! I have chatted to many Asian sex cam models and I would have to say that most of them are quite happy working for these studios! They would rather work and get some money then no money! But yes I do agree with the begging part it does piss me off! If a cam performer begs me for money I leave her room straight away! Im no a charity Im just a horny old man looking for some Asian pussy!

    Comment by Joey

  13. I dont think about that stuff when I go to asian cam sites! Its not only the asian sex cam workers that are getting shit money! What about the poor ladies in the Europene countries like the ukraine working for little money on cam sites! Check out Livejasmin! i would say that 99% of the ladies there are working for the sleazy studios and getting fuck all money just like the asian girls!

    Comment by Prayercc

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