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Are you a sexually open mined mature female who would like to earn a few thousand dollars a month from the privacy of your home? -  If so read on!


Here at Live Mature ladies we are always looking for women to become webcam performers .. If your age is between 28 and 100 yo we want you now! Alot lot of our models earn between $2000 and $10,000 a month.. We are looking for ladies of all shapes and sizes who doesnt mind to get naked in front of a cam and be naughty! You work the hours you want -  So if you only want to play for 1 hour a day its up to you but obviously the more hours you work the more money you will make!


What you need to become a webcam model

1. The first thing you need is a decent webcam or cam corder!

2. The next thing is a fast internet connection ..

3. This is the most important thing – You need to be sexually opened minded and not afraid to get naked in front of the cam.. you need to have a fun personality and not rude..

If you have all of the above and want to be a mature web cam model please click the link below

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If you are a girl between the ages of 18 and 30 years old and would like to become a Live cam model click the link below!

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  1. Hi guys,
    Ive been a webcam performer for the above sites and I have to say the amount of money you can make is unbelievable! I average around $2000 for 25 hours work a fortnight and my best was 3,500 dollars for a forty hour fortnight.. Give it ago ladies its worth it and really fun .. If you need some advice or any help with regarding being a live mature cam model.. Leave a reply here and Ill get back to you!

    Comment by SexyAussieLady

  2. Hey SexyAussieLady is it possible for me to get intouch with you through email? I just signed up and I need some advice on a few things.

    Comment by Ralina

  3. I just sent sexyaussielady a email

    Comment by admin

  4. Hi guys I just registered as a cam model today, Im going to go on tonight and see how I go. Im a little nervous but I guess I will never know until I try. Ill keep you guys Posted on how I go

    Comment by FlirtwithmeNOW

  5. Thanks for your email jess, I hope your doing well and making lots of money!

    Comment by SexyAussieLady

  6. Hi guys, Well Ive been a webcam model for a week now and my total earnings for 22 hours is $1245.65! If I done a normal days work of 8 hours 5 days a week I would say I could earn about $2000 + easily ..Im really thinking about doing it full time and quiting my day job.. Working from home and working my own hours is just to apealing to me for me not to consider this, Thank you very much SexyAussieLady for your advice you helped me alot with starting out.

    Comment by FlirtwithMe

  7. Ive been a cam performer for about 18 months and I have to say you can make a real lot of money working as a web cam performer. I have made so many friends and have so much fun that I decided to leave my other job as a town planner. To make decent money I think you need only to work for about 20 hours a week to make at least a thousnad dollars but if you decide to put a lot of hours in the amount of money can be huge! My best month as a cam perfomer was $7845 but my average is about $4500 A MONTH.. Ladies you will have a lot of fun I promise. If you need some help just leave a message here and Ill get back to you.

    Comment by TracyLee

  8. Just signed up today-> Wish me luck! Im a little nervous!!

    Comment by JuliaM

  9. Good luck JuliaM!! You’ll be fine..

    Comment by SexyAussieLady

  10. Thanks SexyAussieLady! Well its been 3 days and I have to say my first private was nerve racking! Having to get naked and play with myself was really hard! But after doing it for the 1st time it became alot easier. I agree with the ladies above about the money you can earn being a webcam model, I have made in my first 3 days around $400! Thats about 12 hours online! The men I have had in private have been great and alot of them just want to talk and I didnt even have to get naked. Ladies if you are thinking about being a cam performer please give it ago its great fun, and the money is awesome!

    Comment by JuliaM

  11. $2780 is the most i have made in 2 weeks! being a cam model.

    Comment by LooseLucy

  12. Hi everyone, Ive also been a performer for about 2 years and I make around $1200 for about 22 hours of work a week! So it is true about the money you can make being a cam model

    Comment by PreciousOne

  13. I want a job as a cam model! So Im going to sign up now and give it ago.. The money seems to good to be true! So Im going to keep you all posted and tell you how I go.

    Comment by MatureBlonde

  14. well I signed up today and went online for about 3 hours! Have a guess what I made $122 !YEAH! It was the easiest $100 I have ever made and also I had such a great time! It was hard doing my 1st private and I was alittle shy but the gentleman knew it was my 1st time and he made me feel really comfortable. Im going back on now for another couple of hours since I have no one home at the moment! Now i just have to tell hubby what Im doing, Hope he doesnt hit the roof or me!

    Comment by MatureBlonde

  15. Having a web cam job is great! You can work your own hours and make lots of money! Ive been doing it for about 8 months now and wouldnt want any other job! Suits me just fine!

    Comment by Looselucy

  16. I agree mature blond, working your own hours being a cam performer is so much better then working a 9 to 5 job

    Comment by Syloma

  17. I’m ready to become a webcam model…Is it worth my time and is the money really that good…I so need some more advice on it…Help

    Comment by foxxyMarie

  18. I am a mature wiman who is wanting to be a webcam model. I woyld like some starting out advise and info on how to quel my nervousness. Adv wld be so much appreciated. Thks

    Comment by chesko

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