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Is it normal for a man to like the taste of his own cum?
It is really tricky to talk about sex in terms of what is normal. What is acceptable is so often culturally subjective and what is common is hard to determine because people are shy about sharing what they actually do or what they like to fantasize about. What matters more is if you and your partner feel comfortable with a chosen activity and if it is done safely. It seems that you do, so that is a good thing.

From my personal experience I have found that men thinking about or actually tasting their own ejaculate are not unusual. I couldn’t find any hard statistics, but anecdotal evidence seems to find that many men have tasted their own precum at some time in their life (often as adolescents) and a minority have tasted their own ejaculate. An online survey found that 34.9% of male respondents had no interest in tasting their ejaculate, 43.1% would like to taste it but always lose interest after they ejaculate, and 22% find tasting it highly arousing and that they do taste it sometimes.

Some ways men explore tasting their own ejaculate:

- a couple kissing after the man has ejaculated in her mouth
- licking her vulva after he has ejaculated inside her vagina
- licking it off her breasts after he has ejaculated on them
- lying on his back while masturbating or being given a hand job and then – - leaning back and bringing his legs forward towards his head and aiming into his own mouth
- using funnel devices and the like

Not unlike many sex acts that are not directly connected to reproduction, tasting one’s own ejaculate can have a naughty factor attached to it, making the idea or act of it alluring to people. While I can appreciate exploring the subversive nature of a sex act between adults I worry that emphasizing shame and guilt is not healthy for us in the long run. So rather than thinking that tasting one’s own ejaculate is nasty or naughty, I think it is wiser and just as much fun to see it as sexy and hot.

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