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I want to know what you guys think about 3somes? Would you invite another person being male or female into your bedroom? I have had plenty of 3somes myself and I can say there is a good side and a bad side! The good of course is watching your partner be with someone else and also having 2 sets of hands caressing your body! I love nothing more then having my girlfriend lick my pussy while Im sucking on my boyfriends cock! Or having my boyfriend fuck my arse while another man fucks my pussy! But there can be a down side to 3somes Jealousy! I have been in relationships where the man is all for having a 3some with another guy.. in fact he was the one to suggest it.. But when the time cum to full fill his fantasy he got very jealous watching me get fucked by another man.. But when we had another female join us he couldn’t get the smile of his face! So cum on guys tell us what you think! Would you like to watch another man fuck your lady or another women lick her pussy? Or the thought of it makes you cringe..!



  1. My man wants me to invite a girlfriend of mine for a 3some.. He said it would be such a turn on for him to watch me get fucked by another woman! I said ok but on one condition .. You let me watch you get fucked by another guy! He didnt like the idea and said no fucking way Im not gay! Why are men like that? I mean if its a turn on for him to watch me with another girl and Im willing to do this for him because I love him, why cant he get fucked in the arse for me which would be a big turn on for me as well!! Well the offer is still there Tony!! If you want another girl in our bed .. I want another man!! DEAL !!

    Comment by JulieP

  2. I would never let a man fuck my arse because my girlfriend says it would turn her on! Give ya man a break Julie and stop being a bitch!

    Comment by BradAu

  3. Brad can you please tell me why its unfair that I say that? If he wants me to be with another girl why cant I want him to be with another man! Please explain?

    Comment by JulieP

  4. Im 74 and my wife is 76.. I would love to have a young girl come over for a 3some but I just dont think that will happen..

    Comment by craig

  5. I agree with you JulieP! Your boyfriend is a hypocrite.. If its a turn on for him to watch you with another girl and you are willing to do it why wont he do the same for you? Men can be such pigs!

    Comment by PreyDay

  6. Ive had 3somes b4, 1 time with one of my with my wifes friend and another with one of my friends! I think your relationship has to really strong for someone to try this..It not for every one

    Comment by Justintime

  7. I really dont think I could watch another man fuck my wife! I could watch another woman lick her pussy and fuck her with a dildo but not with another man!

    Comment by Kissjut

  8. Julie I said the same thing to my husband when he asked me to have a 3some with a female co worker.. His reply was the same! No way Im not gay! Lmao! I said but you love having me shove my finger in your asshe says thats different because that finger is on the end of a female hand!

    Comment by JollyBuB

  9. I think there is a difference between a finger and a dick you idiot!

    Comment by Boffhead

  10. Would love to be with 2 women at once! Isnt that every mans fantasy?

    Comment by tyler

  11. I would never let a man fuck my ass because it turned her on! Thats a stupid thing to ask him to do!

    Comment by GoGo

  12. Well I sought of do agree with JulieP! I mean I wouldnt like it but if she does it to please her man maybe he should do the favour in return! A 3some with 2 ladies would be great!

    Comment by Prayercc

  13. Ive had a 3some with a old couple.. the lady was 58 and the man was about 60! they were a dirty old pair and he really got off watching me fuck his wife

    Comment by Trav

  14. I had a bi sexual g/f and she would go out on a Friday night and pick another girl up, bring her home and we would have a 3 some. Some times she did not get home till after 2-3am as that is when bars closed. She wake me up and I look at girl. If she was hot I would get up. However sometimes she picked up a fattie or an ugly one and I just say ohh I am not feeling good and that was her cue that i wasn’t interested. And she would go downstairs and go at with her. I didn’t have a problem with it. I trusted her. Plus I figured if I let her have that taste of pussy she wouldn’t cheat on me. Also she was with another girl when I met her. I kind of took her from her.

    Comment by NM

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